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Winsonic provides full range of Industrial grade industrial grade networking products including unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switches ,Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switches , 60Watt PoE switches and PoE Multi-Cellular Gateway. Our products are designed to meet:

• High reliability
• Network redundancy
• Wide power input range & Power redundancy
• Extended operation temperature range which is ideal for harsh environment
• Mission-critical operations, such as factory automation, in-vehicle video surveillance, solar panel farms, etc.

In addition, our products are compliance to IEC 61850 & EN50155. DIN-rail ,wall mount and rackmount form factor is suitable for fast factory equipment deployment.
Industrial PoE Ethernet Switch
Industrial PoE Multi-Cellular Gateway
  •       Managed Power Over Ethernet Switch
  •       IEEE802.3af /at
  •       10/100/1000 BaseTx PoE port
  •       100/1000 SFP port
  •       60W PoE port (IC027-1448-M-D-2D)
  •       Dual-SIM LTE
  •       802.3at PoE
  •       10/100/1000 BaseTx PoE port
  •       WiFi 11ac 2T2R(IC014-5NO-04P)
  •       Digital I/O (IC015-TCP-04L)
Industrial Rackmount Ethernet Switch
Industrial Din-Rail Ethernet Switch
  •       Rackmount Layer 3/Layer 2 Ethernet Switch
  •       10/100/1000 BaseTx
  •       100/1000 SFP port
  •       DIN-Rail Layer 3/Layer 2 Ethernet Switch
  •       10/100/1000 BaseTx
  •       SFP ports
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