DIN-Rail Ethernet Switch    


Rack Mount Front Access, 10-Port Gigabit (6 GbE + 2 SFP + 2 GbE/SFP COMBO)

• 10-Port Gigabit (6 GbE + 2 SFP + 2 GbE/SFP COMBO)
• 9K Jumbo frame
• L3 wire-speed switching
• L3 static route, RIPv1/v2, OSPF and VRRP
• Network redundant LACP, Spanning tree STP, RSTP & MSTP, and Ring fail -over protection (< 20 ms @ 250 switches, single and multiple rings)
• Advanced VLAN operations: IEEE 802.1ad/QinQ VLAN, VLAN tag add/remove/replace
• Port-based/tag-based/protocol-based VLAN
• Multicasting: IGMP v2/v3, proxy & snooping
• Security: IEEE 802.1x authentication, RADIUS client
• Policy-based traffic control engine for actions of Deny, Allow, Queue mapping, rate limit, mirror, or CoS remark on any combination of specific
• Layer -2/Layer- 3/Layer-4 patterns
• QoS (SPQ,WRR, SPQ+ WRR): Hierarchical per-port, per queue shaping & scheduling with bandwidth management
• Dual Power Quality of Service Wide Temperature
• CLI, Web-based, SNMP v1/v2c/v3 management interfaces
• Police-based stream mirroring for debugging
• Power Redundant, dual DC power inputs