Active I/O sending function

In addition to the Modbus TCP/RTU slave function that enables Server (SCADA software or HMI device) to poll the I/O channels data of the MOD2XXX controller, now MOD2XXX provides "Active I/O sending" function. Based on the "Active I/O sending" function, MOD2XXX allows to send the I/O channels data of the controller actively to Server (SCADA software or HMI device) by event trigger (I/O channel data changed) or periodic cycle. This function will improve the efficiency of the data communication between MOD2XXX controller and Server (SCADA software or HMI device).

Rules Trigger

MOD2XXX optional function with Rules trigger

IF-THEN-ELSE logic rules execution ability

MOD2xxxx controller features an IF-THEN-ELSE logic rule engine, it offers up to 16 IF-THEN-ELSE rules for users to set up the logic content. After completing rule edition and downloading rules to the MOD2xxx controller, the rule engine will loop execute the rules in accordance with the execute order under specific conditions.

Winsonic Active ModeRules Trigger