Industrial Computing : OPC UA Server

What are OPC UA’s major applications?

OPC has its origins in the OT layer between smart devices such as PLCs and supervisory systems such as SCADA. Whilst OPC UA remains highly relevant in this area, the object based nature of the architecture mean that the real hotspot is in the interface to SOA based IT systems, which really benefit from the ability to group and define data by asset type, and the richness of the datasets it provides against these asset models.

OPC UA Server

What are the benefits of OPC UA?

Object definition library provides contextualized information, not raw data, which enables true interoperability ‘out of the box’ across multiple vendors and device/applications.

Standardized information enables efficient asset performance management.

Open ecosystem avoids vendor lock-in.

Vendors differentiate by additional features and quality; not by proprietary restrictions.

End to end security model allows use across multiple communications networks.

Specifications, sample code etc. are all openly and freely available. No royalties to pay on any runtimes. Membership of the OPC Foundation is not necessary to access resources or certification labs. Modern IPR policy protects not only OPC foundation members, but also all adopters of OPC UA.

Companion specifications can be developed for devices and IT applications and services, providing a single architecture within which both OT and IT systems can interact in a common manner.

OPC UA Server Map