Smart TFT LCD Display

Winsonic offers a series of smart LCD display solution. The smart LCD display solution comes with UI objects with zero code which is very easy and quickly to customized UI design.

  • 4.1 inch to 15.6 inch available
  • Self-Designed T5L ASIC with high-speed VRAM
  • Zero code for GUI design, easy development
  • Open OS core, programmed by keil C
  • Optinoal USB or WiFi module
  • Support Communication with common PLC such as Siemens and Mitsubishi
  • Used in industry, self-service terminal equipment
  • Customized and integrated touch panel
Smart TFT LCD Display
Smart TFT LCD Display

Linux LCD display

  • Linux 4.4.1 operating system.
  • With floating point processor and GPU.
  • Support communication with common PLC such as Siemens and Mitsubishi.
  • Widely used in industry, self-service terminal equipment, etc.
Smart TFT LCD Display

Android LCD display

  • Android 8.1 operating system.
  • Support 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth, microphone, camera and other peripherals to achieve wired, wireless Internet access, music, video playback, data copy and other functions.
Smart TFT LCD Display

HDMI LCD display

  • Support 1080P display and 60HZ refresh rate.
  • Support Android, Linux and Windows system.
  • Customized, beautiful and integrated touch panel.
  • Hight-quality digital transmission for high resolution decompressed video and multi-channel audio data.

Integrated LCD with CPU

Smart LCD Display
Model No.SizeTouchDevelopment ModeRes.Bright.(typ)Operating Voltage (V)Operating Current (mA)Operating Temperature (°C)
-4.1"IncellDGUS II720 x 7202507-15130mA@12V-30/+70
-5"R4/CGAVDGUS II800 x 4803505-36150mA@12V-30/+70
HM-POH0706-WV25L17"R4DGUS II800 x 4802507-36300mA@12V-20/+70
HM-POH0706-WS30L17"CGDGUS II1024 x 6003007-36300mA@12V-20/+70
HM-POH1016-WS30L110.1"CGAVDGUS II1024 x 6003007-36350mA@12V-30/+70
HM-POH1205-SN30L112.1"R4/CGDGUS II800 x 60030012-36700mA@12V-20/+70
HM-POH1045-SN25L110.4"R4/CGDGUS II800 x 6002506-15350mA@12V-20/+70
HM-POH1045-XN35L110.4"R4/CGDGUS II1024 x 7683508-36500mA@12V-20/+70
HM-POH1166-WH25L111.6"R4/CGDGUS II1920 x 108025012-36700mA@12V-10/+60
HM-POH1565-WX25L115.6"CGDGUS II1366 x 76825012-36700mA@12V-10/+60
HM-POH1565-WH25L115.6"R4/CGDGUS II1920 x 108025012-362A@12V-10/+60