Shop Window Digital Touch Display

Shop Window Digital Touch Display

Turn your shop window into an interactive signage display.

With a window touch solution you can make a store 24/7 available to your customer, at anytime-even after closing hours continuous operation. All technology is sits behind the shop window.

This turns the window itself into a touch screen. Present Products innovatively, Save Space & Costs with interactive Digital Signage Touchscreen Solutions for POS, Retail, Stores, Shop Windows.

Integrate any window touch screen material with any Screen Solutions projection display technologies, with the ability to deliver, Transparent holographic screens, Direct sunlight rear projection film screens or high contrast projection films with full interactivity touch screen capabilities which can operate through a traditional shop window.


  • Vandal proof
  • Non-stop customer communication
  • Fantastic showcasing of properties
  • Less face to face interactions

With the convenience that comes from the small size of phones and tablets, brands are appealing to consumers by integrating the familiar features of these devices into in-store displays. Generally, these touchscreen surfaces take the form of a wall installation or a table fixture, which make it possible for consumers to find out more a product or even customize their experience with it.

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