MED (Wheel Mark)

The Wheel Mark (Mark of Conformity) is the European regulatory marking of all marine equipment, as defined in the Marine Equipment Directive, 96/98/EC.

TheWheel Mark ensures a uniform application of international instruments, for example:
  • IMO Conventions
  • Resolutions
  • Circulars and international testing standards

A prior market access control (type approval) of a specimen (or prototype) and verification of the manufacturing process or the end-user product itself in demonstrating compliance is required. For that reason Notified Body provisions are compulsory.

Why choose the Wheel Mark?

  • Placing the product on the market is authorized only if the equipment is compliant with the Directive.
  • The Wheel mark symbolizes that conformity assessment procedures have been successfully completed in accordance with the community requirements.

Other facts about the Wheel mark

  • It is to be placed onboard community ships not previously carrying such equipment, or where it replaces equipment previously carried onboard ships, flying the flag of any EU/EEA countries.
  • Next to the Wheel mark, the EU Id # of the Notified Body involved in the verification process and the last two digits of the year shall be affixed.
  • The manufacturer must draw up an EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC) declaring that the equipment conforms to type or conforms to the relevant international instruments prior to the Wheel marking.